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Capital: Kiev
Area: 603,700 km²
Population: 46.81 million
Official Language: Ukrainian


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Department of Education and Science, Odessa regional administration
Odessa Regional In-Service Teacher Training Institute (LFI)
University of Educational Management in Kiev (UMO)


In close cooperation with the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science and the Academy for Lifelong Learning Odessa the OeAD implements projects in general education with a particular focus on "inclusive education" and "quality development in school clusters".

Key focuses:

  • Quality development and school management
  • Inclusive education
  • Promoting the national and international education dialogue in cooperation with the Ukrainian Ministry of Education


Leadership and management skills for quality assurance at cluster schools
In the course of the ongoing decentralisation and educational reforms in Ukraine school autonomy has been expanded and the merger of several small schools into a school cluster, in which financial and personnel resources are redistributed in order to be able to provide quality education for pupils in rural regions of Ukraine, has been made possible. This process poses a variety of challenges for the heads of the cluster and branch schools and requires solid leadership and management skills. The project aims to contribute to quality development in school clusters by promoting these skills and knowledge. To this end 20 trainers from five further education institutions in Ukraine (Odessa, Vinnyza, Shytomyr, and Kiev) are supported in developing a course for teams of heads of school clusters and in piloting the course in their region.

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In order to increase mobility and exchange of experiences in the education sector within Ukraine the 20 project participants have come together in four mixed groups that have been conducting a pilot course for teams of headmasters/headmistresses of 40 school clusters since the autumn of 2019. After the completion of the project the resulting course will be part of the further education programme of the participating institutions.
Duration: 2019 - 2021

Inclusive Education in the Odessa Region
The concept of the "New Ukrainian School" of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education provides for inclusive education and individual educational careers in a new educational environment. Since mid-2018 inclusive resource centres (IRC) have been established throughout Ukraine, which identify a child's special educational needs and offer related support and therapy measures. A central task of the IRCs is to derive pedagogical recommendations from this assessment, to advise the child's school on how to implement them and thus to support inclusive education at the respective school.

The project, which is carried out together with the University College of Teacher Education Upper Austria, focuses on the interface between the IRCs and the schools and develops the competencies of the Academy for Lifelong Learning Odessa in the three areas of inclusive education, inclusive school culture and IRC development so that the Academy will be able to offer the necessary further education measures for the target groups (teachers of inclusive classes, headmasters/headmistresses of inclusive schools and IRC staff).

The aim of the project is to link the actors in inclusive education in the Odessa region, to develop a systemic view of inclusion and to ensure that they play their respective parts in implementing and ensuring inclusive education. Therefore, in addition to the Academy, 6 schools with inclusive classes and 6 IRCs participate in the project, contributing their situation and needs and acting as pilot schools or centres. Moreover, annual conferences within the framework of the project contribute to the formation of opinion in the region so that the implementation of inclusive education is also promoted at the community policy level.
Duration: 2019 – 2021

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Policy dialogue on educational reforms
The OeAD contributes to the exchange of experience between Ukrainian educational institutions, teachers from all over Ukraine and their colleagues from EU member countries. This takes place in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in the form of conferences on current developments in educational policy. In November 2019 more than 300 participants from all regions of Ukraine attended the conference "Leadership and management skills of heads of cluster schools to increase the quality of education" in Kiev.
Duration: once a year since 2015