What we do

We support people in continuously expanding the necessary skills for a self-determined life in our digitised and globalised world and in working together – across borders – in science and education. Whether kindergarten, schools, higher education institutions and science, vocational education and training or adult education: the OeAD supports educational institutions in imparting the skills for the digital age: problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and collaboration and creativity.

In this way we strengthen Austria’s international positioning as a location for science and education.

We work primarily in three areas:

1. Internationalisation of science and research, formal, non-formal and informal education.

2. Strengthening of the interface between education and society. An important aspect of the OeAD's work in this field is to sustainably shape the everyday educational lives of children, youngsters and interested adults and to enable them to participate in social processes as well as in science, art and culture.

3. Expansion of quality and transparency. The aim is to further implement quality assurance and quality development tools in Austria’s educational landscape.

Our professional and regional expertise and the OeAD’s know-how in many different fields is in demand both nationally and internationally – from the Austrian federal government, regional agencies, governments of other countries to expert meetings of the EU. We cooperate with educational and research institutions such as universities, civil society actors, scientific institutions, cultural institutions, businesses and the national education sector. This cooperation is important for a successful and trusting collaboration with political decision-makers.

For us internationalisation is a central instrument for contributing to social benefit that is in line with the objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Austrian federal government and the European Commission.