Welt im Ohr: Sustainable travel in developing countries

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Wishful thinking or a realistic tourism concept? The new "Welt im Ohr" (World in your ear) radio progamme on September 15th on Ö1 Campusradio will explore this question.

Welt im Ohr: The colourful view through Afro eyeglasses

The next radio programme on Friday, September 1st on Ö1 Campusradio is dedicated to the lifestyle magazine "Fresh", which provides insights into the African community in Austria.

AAL_3 - Alumni AudioLab with Constantine Loum

Constantine Loum from Northern Uganda talks in this third issue of the Podcast about what brought him to Austria, the connections between medicine and society and about his youth …

Welt im Ohr: Best-of Globale Dialoge "movements | die Welt in Bewegung"

In this programme a best-of of the development policy programme series "Globale Dialoge – Women on Air" will be broadcast on Ö1 Campusradio on Friday, July 7th, 2017.

AAL_2 - Alumni AudioLab with Kalina Kupczynska

Kalina Kupczynska from Poland talks in the second issue of Alumni AudioLab about her research on comics and other experimental kinds of texts.