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Continuing support for the Ukrainian university sector!

18. April 2024BildungskooperationHigher EducationPartnerships

At a high-level meeting in Ukraine, Austrian universities reconfirmed continued commitment to support for science and higher education in Ukraine.

Unlocking History: The Zaghouan – Carthage Hydraulic Complex

18. April 2024Science communicationDevelopment Research

Dive into the wonders of ancient Roman engineering in Tunisia!

Obituary: Resistance fighter and contemporary witness Käthe Sasso passed away

17. April 2024

The resistance fighter and Ravensbrück survivor Käthe Sasso, who was active as a witness of national socialism and the holocaust for many years, passed away on 14 April 2024.

Summer University Programs: Sustainability and Socio-Economic Transformation

17. April 2024ScholarsCallHigher Education

Apply for a transformative summer experience exploring sustainability and socio-economic values with our two dynamic programs.

WTZ-Stabilität des Programms auch 2023 gewährleistet

17. April 2024Researcher

Das Kooperationsprogramm Wissenschaftlich-Technische Zusammenarbeit, dessen Kooperationen mit den späten 1960er Jahren begannen, blieb auch 2023 erfolgreich.