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OeAD counselling services regarding studying, scholarships and the law relating to aliens

13. February 2024Higher EducationStudiesScholarship

In the calendar year 2023 the OeAD answered about 7,500 enquiries from students, researchers and institutions. This is about 1,400 enquiries more than in the previous year.

Rückschau: Nationales Vernetzungstreffen der Inclusion ACAdemy in Salzburg

24. January 2024Europäischer HochschulraumHigher EducationEuropean Programmes

Am 16. und 17. Januar fand ein nationales Vernetzungstreffen der Inclusion ACAdemy statt, 30 Teilnehmende aus österreichischen Hochschulen kamen dabei erstmals persönlich zusammen.

OeAD summer universities in Vienna: Application is now open!

15. January 2024StudiesScholarship

The summer universities “Green.Building.Solutions.” and “Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems” will take place again in 2024 in Vienna.

OeAD student housing summer universities

12. January 2024Studies

The summer universities Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems and Green.Building.Solutions will once again take place in Vienna in July and August.

Reminder: Scholarship for the College of Europe – apply now!

9. January 2024Higher EducationStudiesScholarship

Applications are possible until 31 January 2024.