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Garbage everywhere you look! Tracking down environmental pollution with Citizen Science

15. March 2023Sparkling ScienceCitizen Science

As part of the news series "Inside Sparkling Science 2.0", two researchers explain how they want to strengthen environmental protection with their projects.

Survey on e-waste of the Sparkling Science project "Recycling Heroes

31. January 2023Sparkling ScienceCitizen Science

Researchers collect information on the behavior of the Austrian population with regard to e-waste.

The OeAD Center for Citizen Science as guest at the citizen science workshop in Graz

26. January 2023Sparkling ScienceCitizen Science

The 7th Faculty of the University of Graz invited to an exchange on the topic "How to reach interested Citizen Scientists?

Article on „Sparkling Science 2.0“ in the magazine Green Care

13. January 2023Sparkling ScienceCitizen Science

An article on the "Sparkling Science 2.0" funding program was published in the issue 4/22 under the title "Sparkling Science: Researching together".

"Inside Sparkling Science 2.0": Interview with project manager Philipp Spitzer

30. November 2022Sparkling ScienceCitizen Science

As part of the new news series "Inside Sparkling Science 2.0", a project manager from the University of Graz explains what is planned in the citizen science project "We talk about …