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26. January 2017Higher EducationLawResearcher

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OeAD negotiates new programme in Teheran

26. January 2017Higher EducationOeAD

New cooperations between Austrian and Iranian higher education institutions were the focus of the scientific delegation’s trip. The OeAD successfully negotiated an agreement about …

New scientific agreement between Iran and Austria

16. January 2017Higher EducationScholarshipPress release

400,000 euros for the establishment of strategic cooperations between Iranian and Austrian higher education institutions

Verleihung der Citizen Science Awards 2016

14. December 2016Higher EducationOeAD

Forschung zum Mitmachen: 2016 lud das Wissenschaftsministerium erstmals alle Bürgerinnen und Bürger ein, beim Citizen Science Award mitzumachen.

Awarding of the Citizen Science Awards 2016

14. December 2016SchoolHigher EducationPublic Science

Taking part in research: In 2016 the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy invited all citizens to compete for the Citizen Science Award for the first time.