Welt im Ohr-Podcasts

Ready for (Climate) Change? Armenian-Austrian research cooperation

19. July 202359:49Development Research

With its focus on the concept of ecosystem services the APPEAR project EcoServ between Austria and Armenia makes an important contribution to the protection of the environment. (in …

Academic cooperation Austria-Uganda: Two female researchers in Vienna

22. June 2023Higher EducationResearcher

The agroecologist Mary Ekyaligonza and the agrarian engineer Violet Kisakaye are talking about the importance of sustainable agriculture and decolonising knowledge.

Land rights and their importance for sustainable development

26. May 202350:45Development ResearchResearcher

Regulated land administration for sustainable development and gender equity: insights from the Ethiopian-Austrian APPEAR project. (in German)

Food systems and global interdependencies

30. March 202358:59Development ResearchResearcher

Behind complex food systems there are numerous actors and sets of rules. A look at global interdependencies from different perspectives.

Cultures of peace: Humanitarian aid and development cooperation

16. February 202359:49Development ResearchResearcher

Humanitarian organisations, development cooperation, science and civil society are important allies in the dialogue for peace. (in German)