Welt im Ohr-Podcasts

Cultures of peace: Humanitarian aid and development cooperation

16. February 202359:49Development ResearchResearcher

Humanitarian organisations, development cooperation, science and civil society are important allies in the dialogue for peace. (in German)

Welt im Ohr: Music connects worlds and people

21. December 2022Development ResearchResearcher

A musical highlight from the APPEAR anniversary with the premiere of the trio Mirarab-Hazin-Koné. (in German)

This Human World und APPEAR Film Days with a focus on Ethiopia

25. November 202243:08Development ResearchResearcher

Within the framework of the cooperation with This Human World we will show the film "Among Us Women" on 10 December 2022 at the Top Kino and discuss with the film producer Sonja …

Global Inequalities

27. October 202259:49Researcher

Live from the ORF Funkhaus: Global inequalities jeopardise sustainable development in all areas of life.

Retrospective Journey: Speeches from the APPEAR anniversary 10+2 celebration

29. September 202259:29Development ResearchResearcher

The speeches at the APPEAR anniversary celebration were accompanied by international music from the Middle East to West Africa.