Welt im Ohr-Podcasts

Welt im Ohr: Best of "Wissen.Schafft.Entwicklung" – Film and Discussion

25. November 202159:49Researcher

This "Welt im Ohr" ("World in your Ear") radio programme allows you to listen to past contributions for the film days organised within the framework of the cooperation with This …

Decolonising Knowledge

29. October 202149:18Development ResearchResearcher

Decolonising Knowledge is a search in library and museum collections for books and exhibits that are not neutral or free of hierarchies. (in German)

"Welt im Ohr": When innovation meets education

14. October 202159:49JugendSchool

A podcast about the State Prize for Innovative Schools and Innovation in School Education. (in German)

10 years APPEAR: "Listening Show" Knowledge and Development

22. July 2021ResearcherDevelopment Research

Pre-scientific, indigenous and local knowledge and early, non-Western knowledge systems have pointed out the vulnerability of the earth. Whose knowledge counts?

10 years APPEAR: "Listening show": Voices from the South: Research for Sustainable Development

25. June 2021Researcher

10 years and 10 voices of researchers and students from the global south in APPEAR projects.