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No registration required

EU/EEA nationals and nationals of Switzerland are generally permitted to stay in the member countries for up to three months.

Entry requirements

If you have sufficient financial means to finance your stay in Austria and valid health insurance covering all the necessary costs, you only need a valid travel document (passport or identity card) to enter and become resident in Austria.

You have to carry your travel document at all times as proof that you are entitled to reside in Austria.


Students who have a valid national health insurance in their home country can obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from their health insurance provider in their country of origin upon application. With this card they will have access to all medically necessary public health services in Austria (at the same conditions and the same costs). However, visits to doctors that are not due to acute complaints (e.g. medical check-ups) are not covered. We therefore recommend that you additionally take out travel health insurance (also if you wish to have repatriation costs covered).


EU/EEA and Swiss nationals are allowed to work in Austria in any kind of job. They do not need any official permit such as a work permit.

Croatian nationals do not require a work permit anymore to take up gainful employment since 1st July 2020.

Renewal and change to another residence title

If you are staying in Austria for more than 3 months, you have to apply for a confirmation of registration (“Anmeldebescheinigung”) within 4 months.

After five years of lawful and uninterrupted residence in Austria you are entitled to permanent residence. A “certificate of permanent residence” can then be issued upon request.

Please note

You have to register within three working days of arrival in Austria with the registration office at your place of residence.
A registration with the registration office is not needed if you reside in a tourist accommodation (e.g., hotel, guest house, campsite, private room, AirBnB) for a maximum of 2 months.