ERC Annual Event 2022 - Citizen Science and Frontier Research

Citizen Science

Citizen science plays an important role in promoting public engagement in research and addressing real-world problems. Research that engages citizens and gives them greater insight into the scientific process can lead to greater confidence in science in general. Similarly, our environmental, public health, social, economic, and political challenges require that scientists, citizens, policymakers, and a broader range of stakeholders in general find new ways to work together. 

By sharing experiences and best practices within and across scientific fields, the following challenges for scientists and citizens will be addressed: 

  • Participation and motivation: what are the main reasons for scientists to collaborate with citizens and for citizens to participate in science?
  • Strategies for engagement: what are the best ways to achieve and sustain participation over time? How can communities of practice be created that foster engagement and learning?
  • Quality and impact: what kind of knowledge can be generated and to what standards? Is citizen engagement a way to improve the quality of science, or just to increase the impact of science in the broader society?


7. December 2022 09:00 to 15:30 Export Event as iCal