What we do

Experiences for life! We will support you with them.

We support people in continuously expanding the skills they need to lead a self-determined life in our digitised and globalised world and to work together – across borders – in science and education. Our offers enhance the innovation competence of institutions in education and science and thus support their capacity development. As a service-orientated organisation we offer transparent validation procedures, plausible funding management and quality development.

Our tasks correspond to the Austrian Federal Government’s strategic goals.

Our activities:

  1. implementing national and international funding programmes
  2. strengthening the connection between education, science, research and society
  3. contributing expertise to the shaping of the education sector

Implementation takes place in three strategic fields:

  1. advancing the internationalisation of science and research, formal, non-formal and informal education
  2. strengthening the interfaces between education, science and society
  3. expanding quality and transparency in education

Our professional and regional expertise and our expertise in many different areas are in demand both nationally and internationally – by the Austrian Federal Government, regional agencies, governments of other countries, and expert meetings of the EU. We cooperate with education and research institutions such as universities, civil society actors, scientific institutions, cultural institutions, companies and the national education sector. This cooperation is essential for successful and trusting collaboration with political decision-makers.

For us internationalisation is a central instrument for contributing to social benefit, which in turn is in line with the objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Austrian Federal Government and the European Commission.