Delegation from Morocco (Marrakech) visits Africa-UniNet office

14. June 2022
visit of delegation from Morocco to OeAD
A delegation headed by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to Austria visited the Africa-UniNet at the OeAD office on 13 June 2022.

The delegation comprising of Prof. Dr. Moulay Lhassan Hbid, Président of Cadi Ayyad University, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Bentalha Doukali, Director Center for Sahara-Studies and  advisor to the president, Prof. Dr. Abdelkrim Outaleb, Dean Faculty of Legal Science Economic and Social Sciences and Prof. Dr.  Fatima Zohra Iflahen, Vice President (Research and Cooperation) visited Austria on the occasion of the signature of an MoU between Cadi Ayyad University and Vienna University. The visit at OeAD was aimed at discussing potential for further cooperation between Universities in Morocco and Austria in the field of higher education. Cadi Ayyad University is currently in the process of becoming an Africa-UniNet member. The delegation was welcomed by OeAD managing director Jakob Calice  and Africa-UniNet president Hubert Hasenauer. Andreas Obrecht and Julia Lichtkoppler presented the Africa-UniNet,  Martina Friedrich elaborated on potential cooperation within the ERASMUS+ programme.