Grants and scholarships

Are you looking for a scholarship or a research grant for Austria? International students and researchers can apply for scholarships at various institutions. There are different financial support options depending on your country of origin and your academic level. Please note that scholarships are offered by different institutions (OeAD, other financial support organisations, foundations, etc.).

You can find details of the OeAD’s scholarship programmes – for bachelor's, master’s, PhD students, post-docs and researchers – here. Please note that there are hardly any financial support options for students in bachelor’s programmes. A whole degree programme in Austria is also hardly ever supported financially.

Database for scholarships and research grants

At, Austria’s most comprehensive database for scholarships and research funding, you will find an overview of a great number of financial support options.

Institutional grants

Moreover, some higher education institutions offer scholarships for international students themselves. Institutional scholarships. The international office of the higher education institution at which you are going to study provides information about these.

Grants and scholarships from your home country

Please also enquire in your home country whether or not there are scholarships or other financial support options for you.


Master and traditional degree ("Diplom")

Postgraduates and PhD students