Citizen Science Award 2022: The projects have been selected!

4. January 2022 Citizen SciencePublic Science
Vier Kinder mit Lupe in der Hand
From 1 April to 8 July 2022, all schools and interested individuals in Austria are again invited to participate in seven citizen science projects on very different topics.

The topics and opportunities for participation are broad and diverse: Austrian Citizen Scientists can observe mushrooms and research the effect of climate change on them, discover biodiversity in cemeteries, research the intoxicating effect of catnip on cats, make phenological observations of flowering areas and set up weather stations while mathematically modelling the spread of pollutants. Furthermore, in addition to biodiversity monitoring on meadows and alpine pastures and researching social and political ideas of different marginalised groups in relation to the Austrian majority society, two other projects deal with how scientific results can be creatively and artistically processed and thus made accessible to a broader public.

The most committed Citizen Scientists will again be awarded prizes at a festive event in autumn 2022.

These are the projects

Art & Culture/Social Sciences

  • Memory and the Imaginary: Democratic Citizenship

Arts & Culture/Natural Sciences

  • Our Planetary Garden

Natural Sciences

  • Establishing a network of weather stations to model micrometeorology and pollutant dispersion
  • Cats do science
  • - Discover the world of fungi
  • Biodiversity at the cemetery
  • PolliDiversity 2.0

Detailed information on the projects and the opportunities to participate in research will be available on the Young Science website in the course of February!