Final Conference of the EU project NEWSERA

Citizen Science

Participants will have the opportunity to join us on March 29, 2023 in Brussels or via lifestream to learn more about the journey and outcomes of the project and to join the discussion on Citizen Science communication and Citizen Science journalism. The project's accomplishments will be discussed with members of the NEWSERA consortium, and the many results and findings from the #CitSciComm Labs will be presented.

After the event, participants are invited to visit the DATA4CitSciNews exhibition at 7pm, which was first held in Barcelona in November 2022. The exhibition aims to spark discussion about how citizens and journalists and well designed data collection can be the drivers behind investigation to ultimately respond to societal needs and benefit communities.

Further information

29. March 2023 (full day) BIP Meeting Center (Place Royale 11 - Brussels), Lifestream NEWSERA Export Event as iCal