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With our alumni portal we wish to address all our former OeAD scholarship recipients. After the end of your scholarship and your return home we would like to stay in contact with you.

With our alumni activities we want to use the potential of our former international OeAD scholarship recipients and maintain their contacts with Austria. We also see you as our contact persons for international academic co-operations and for the Austrian economy.

Our objectives are

  • Recognition and activation of former scholarship recipients as multipliers for Austria
  • Network-building with Alumni institutions on a national and international level
  • Promotion of contacts between former scholarship holders in their home country
  • Establishment of contacts with industry, business and science in Austria
  • Promotion of contacts between former scholarship holders and those in Austria at present or about to depart for Austria
  • Promotion of scientific co-operation between Austria and their countries of originInformation about possibilities for support of studies in Austria
  • Advertising of Austria as a location for study and as a tourist country