Study periods and internships in Erasmus+

Studying in Europe and all over the world with Erasmus+

Since 1985 the Erasmus programme has offered students the possibility to study part of their degree programme in another European country. These study periods abroad are credited towards the students’ degree programmes at their own higher education institutions.

Within the framework of Erasmus+ students can become mobile several times. It is possible to spend up to twelve months per study cycle (bachelor, master, PhD) abroad.

Since 2015 study periods in and from Erasmus+ partner countries can also be funded under certain conditions.

Higher education institutions, not students themselves, can submit mobility projects at the National Agency Erasmus+ Education during application periods that are fixed every year. Both the home and host institution needs an Erasmus Higher Education Charter (ECHE) and must have concluded a bilateral agreement.

Working in Europe with an Erasmus+ internship

Students and graduates can do an internship in the Erasmus+ programme countries. They can do this internship in companies, training and research institutions or other organisations that contribute to fostering the agreed learning goals for the relevant study programme.

It is not possible to do an internship at institutions of the European Union, e.g. the European Parliament, or agencies that are decentrally attributed to these institutions. Moreover, institutions that manage the EU programmes, e.g. Erasmus+ National Agencies, are also excluded.

Erasmus Mundus Master’s courses worldwide

Within the framework of Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degrees high quality master’s courses are funded, which subsequently offer full scholarships for selected students.