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Vianney Kambale presents research on Sensitivity Analysis for Time Series Forecasting at IST-Africa

31. Mai 2023ScholarsAlumniForscher/innen

Join us as we delve into the groundbreaking research presented by Vianney Kambale at the IST-Africa Conference in Tschwane, South Africa.

Olivier Baraka Mushage's four-year research journey in Austria

24. Mai 2023ScholarsAlumni

Olivier Baraka Mushage received a University of Klagenfurt Technology Scholarship for a master's degree and PhD in Information Technology. The researcher managed to attain both …

Never surrender your dreams; Mohamed Salem's journey from student to Senior Specialist

15. Mai 2023ScholarsAlumni

Mohamed Salem has received a Technology Scholarship to study for a MA degree in Information and Communications Engineering (ICE)-Branch of studies Autonomous Systems and Robotics. …

"Persistence and hard work pave the way to success"

4. Mai 2023ScholarsAlumniStipendium

From academic pursuits to personal growth - discover how Dr. Bilal Wadood's journey at the University of Vienna's Department of Geology reshaped his life and career.

Events4scholars: Watch out - Predatory Publishing

2. Mai 2023Scholars

In diesem Webinar am 24. April 2023 diskutierte Dr. Leonhard Suchenwirth von der Technischen Universität Wien (TU Wien) das Phänomen der Predatory Journals und beantwortete Fragen …