Aktivitäten von Alumni

Nachlese Alumni Treffen in Shanghai

27. Juli 2021OeAD60BildungskooperationAlumni

Anlass: 50 Jahre diplomatischer Beziehungen zwischen Österreich und China und 60 Jahre OeAD

Austrian-Vietnamese Research Cooperation on Traditional Vietnamese Medicine

20. Juli 2021AlumniStipendium

Since Tran Thi Van Anh was a student at Pharmacy school, she had been very interested in the subject of pharmacognosy, which is the science about finding new potential drugs from …

Andjela Vlahovic erhält Auszeichnung für ihre Masterarbeit

12. Juli 2021ScholarsAlumni

OeAD Scholar Andjela Vlahovic wurde mit dem Annual Central Bank of Montenegro Award 2021 in der Kategorie der besten Masterarbeit ausgezeichnet.

Looking into the Future: Forecasting Space Weather with Artificial Intelligence.

22. Juni 2021ScholarsAlumni

OeAD Online Alumni Talks with Randa Natras, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tuesday, 11 May 2021. Have you ever met a person able to look into the future? Randa Natras, former OeAD scholarship holder, looks into the future from a completely scientific point of view, forecasting space …

Effective Collaboration is Necessary for Accelerating Research

18. Juni 2021AlumniScholarsHochschule

In this article Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nasimullah Qureshi from Pakistan talks about his past and ongoing experience with OeAD and his scientific collaboration with colleagues from …