Scholarship conditions

The scholarship only serves to carry out the study or research project described in the scholarship award at the institution named in the contract. It is not allowed to change the project or the institution. In specific well-justified cases a change is possible but only if the ICM and your academic supervisor agree. Here you can find the general guidelines again.

Acceptance of the scholarship

Your scholarship award only becomes valid once you fully complete your letter of acceptance, sign it and send it to your OeAD Regional Office (via e-mail, fax or post) within four weeks.

Attention: If we do not get your signed letter of acceptance, you lose the entitlement to your scholarship.

Delay of your stay

The date stated in your letter of acceptance is binding. It can only be changed in exceptional cases and for important reasons. To change the start date of your scholarship you need written consent of your academic supervisor and of your contact person at the ICM.


  • A delay of your arrival, may cause alterations in the amount of your first scholarship instalment.
  • You are responsible for any changes in your visa or residence permit.
  • If you do not arrive in time you will still have to pay the entire accommodation fee for your room with the OeAD Housing Office

Should you arrive in Austria later than expected or should there be any changes or problems with your accommodation, please always contact the OeAD Housing Office directly.

Premature termination and revocation of the scholarship

Premature termination of the scholarship

If you terminate your scholarship prematurely, please inform your OeAD Regional Office immediately and state the reasons therefore. Please also inform your academic supervisor.

Revocation of scholarships

A revocation of the scholarship implies that no further scholarship payments will be made and that you may have to reimburse the OeAD for the entire scholarship. Your scholarship can be revoked for the following reasons:

  • Non-compliance with the scholarship conditionsIf you do not comply with the conditions of the scholarship or make false statements, your scholarship payments will be stopped.
  • Violation of the Austrian laws
  • Missing performanceIf your academic performance or your language skills that are required for your study/research project are not sufficient or if no progress in your research can be seen, your scholarship will be terminated.

Amount of the scholarship

The amount of your scholarship depends on the guidelines of the financing body. It is not possible to raise the amount of the scholarship. You have to pay your accommodation, your insurance fee and study fees (if any) from your monthly scholarship instalments.

Attention: You must not receive any other additional scholarship in Austria for the period in which you receive your OeAD scholarship. If you receive other financial support, you have to inform the OeAD immediately. If you do not inform us, the OeAD scholarship payments will be stopped.

Disbursement of the scholarship

Details regarding the disbursement of the scholarship please check on the web-page of your OeAD Regional Office.

Travel costs

You will not receive any travel costs compensation in addition to your scholarship unless this is expressively mentioned in your scholarship award. If your scholarship includes travel costs compensation, you have to submit your original travel documents (including flight ticket and boarding pass as well as a confirmation of your payment of the tickets) after your arrival in Austria. If you do not submit these documents, you will not receive a travel costs subsidy.


While you are receiving an OeAD scholarship you are not allowed to take up paid work in Austria. There are only very few exceptions from this very strict law, e.g. minimum income work in research or teaching positions, if the work is not related to the project funded by your OeAD scholarship. Any kind of employment in Austria has to be approved by the OeAD.

If you take up a job which is not one of the above-mentioned exceptions, your scholarship will be terminated immediately. Working without a work permit will have consequences. The law relating to aliens forces your immediate exit in case of any violation. You may be expelled from Austria and be forbidden to enter for several years. General information about working is available here.