Preparation for your stay in Austria

Before coming to Austria several preparations (such as visa, housing/accommodation, procurement of health insurance etc.) should be done from your home country.

Here you can find further information about:


Please find all the information on whether you need to apply for a residence title or (visa for coming to Austria and how to proceed in the menu on the left under "Entry conditions" or click here.

Attention: When planning your stay in Austria the issuing of a residence permit for Austria can take up to three months (in some cases even longer). Therefore please enquire in time at your representative authority how long it will take until you get the visa for Austria. Should you have waited for your residence permit for longer than three months already or if you have problems with the Austrian representative authorities, please contact your advisor at the ICM immediately.


On your letter of acceptance you can tick whether or not you wish accommodation (student hall of residence or flat) arranged/reserved for you by the OeAD Housing Office.

If you have questions about your accommodation, please contact the OeAD Housing Office directly.

Attention: It is not possible to bring your family or partner to the student halls of residence.

Admission at a university or university of applied sciences

The ICM will support you only within a few scholarship programmes (namely the ones including the completion of a degree in Austria) in the admission process at an Austrian university or university of applied sciences. If you wish to attend courses at a university in Austria for a limited period of time (one or two semesters) you have to enroll or apply for admission yourself. The tender specification or the award of your scholarship will inform you whether you have to enroll yourself or not.

For further information about the enrollment and the therefore needed documents please inform yourself on the homepage of your Austrian university or university of applied science. Of course the Admission Offices of the universities would be happy to help you with this process.

Access Restrictions

For Information regarding access restrictions please click here.

Legalisation and Translation of documents

Applicants with international certificates, must have their documents translated into German or English by an officially registered, certified translator. For further information please have a look at the homepage of your Austrian university.

In addition all certificates have to be certified/legalised.

  • Documents issued in Austria: no certification/ legalisation of original documents necessary
  • Documents issued in an EU member state: notarized legalisation of copies and translations or certification by the issuing school/institution of higher education
  • Documents issued outside EU member state: All documents and certificates have to be legalised in form of the Apostille or by the Austrian diplomatic representation in the issuing state (information on country-specific requirements can be found here)

Attention: If you have an academic degree from a country other than your home country, you will need the legalisation from the country in which you have earned your degree.

Tuition fees

Most OeAD scholars do not have to pay tuition fees as long as they receive the scholarship. At some universities, however, you have to fill in an application for this exemption when applying for admission. For further information whether you have to pay tuition fees please look in your scholarship award (scholarship details).

However, all students attending an Austrian university must pay the student fee (Studierendenbeitrag, also called ÖH-Beitrag) in the amount of € 17,50 (as of 2013) at the beginning of each semester. This fee includes an accident insurance (no health insurance!). For further details enquire at the Admission Office of your host institution.

Language skills and German language courses

At Austrian universities most courses are in German. To be admitted to a bachelor, master or diploma programme students must have adequate command of German. Proficiency in German must be documented before being admitted to study (either by previous course work in German documented in your school certificates or by a German proficiency diploma (Sprachdiplom) or a supplementary examination).

Doctoral studies can also be carried out in English provided this has been approved in writing by the Austrian academic supervisor and by the university. The same applies to independent academic research. If, however, not enough courses taught in English are offered by the university, you may have to attend a German language course.

Here you can find a list of programmes that are completely taught in English:

German courses

In all university locations in Austria there are many institutions and organisations that offer German courses for foreigners. These courses are – unless expressly stated otherwise in the scholarship award or in the conditions of the scholarship programme – not part of the scholarship and you have to pay them yourself. The OeAD Regional Offices will be happy to provide a list, stating appropriate courses.

Health insurance

You are obliged to have valid health insurance during your stay in Austria. For further information please see your award e-mail.