Is the European insurance card a sufficient proof of health insurance?

Yes it is sufficient if you pay the monthly fee of the insurance in your home country regularly.

Is it possible to take my family to Austria?

Sure, please be aware of the entry conditions for family members and note that the scholarship covers only your maintenance costs.

Please note that some dormitories don't offer rooms for families. We suggest informing you about a suitable accommodation before arrival in Austria.

Can I get insurance for my family?

In principle the coinsurance for family members is possible.

When do I get the first scholarship?

Information can be found here.

I cannot visit the OeAD-Regional Office during the opening hours.

No problem! Just arrange an appointment with your responsible OeAD-Regional Office.

I will only stay a short time in Austria. Do I have to register at the Meldeamt?

Yes. According to the Austrian law you have to register at the Meldeamt if you stay more than three days in Austria.

Where do I have to register my place of residence?

Information can be found here.

Do I need my birth certificate to register my place of residence?

Usually foreign person do not need the birth certificate to register the place of residence. We suggest taking a copy of your birth certificate to the Meldeamt anyway.

Do I have to open a bank account in Austria?

We recommend opening a bank account if you stay more than 4 months in Austria and if you don’t have a bank account within the SEPA zone.

Why didn’t I get my scholarship?

Maybe you did not visit the OeAD-Regional Office? Please note that you have to visit the OeAD-Regional Office from 10th to 25th of each month to make sure that you will receive the payment in the following month.

Is it allowed for me to work during the time I get a scholarship?

While you are receiving your scholarship you are only allowed to work in Austria with explicit approval of the OeAD-GmbH. You have to await the written decision of the OeAD-GmbH before taking up a job. Should you break this rule, you will lose your scholarship. There is no legal right to approval by the OeAD-GmbH. Approval of the OeAD-GmbH is only possible under the following conditions:

  • Minor employment (for 2019: EUR 446.81/month)
  • Employment including scientific, teaching, and/or research activities at a university, university of applied sciences or other research institution. The job, however, must include other activities than the scientific activities supported by your scholarship.

What is the scientific report?

It’s a report of your stay and has to be confirmed of your academic supervisor (stamp and signature).

Stay of students
Which lectures/exams did you attend, what did you learn during your stay?

Stay of researchers
It’s a short report of the gained progresses of your research work in Austria.

Is it allowed to leave my study/research place and how long?

Generally you should stay the whole scholarship duration at your study/research place (also during holidays). Of course you are allowed to leave your study/research place but you have to inform the OeAD-Regional Office in a written form. If you leave it longer than 4 working days you have to send an acceptance of your absence from your academic supervisor. If you leave your study/research place longer than 10 working days your scholarship may be reduced.

When am I allowed to leave my study/research place without losing the right to get the last scholarship?

Generally you should stay the whole scholarship duration at your study/research place.

Scholarship award until the end of the month
Leaving from 16th of the month onwards (disbursement of full grant rate).

Scholarship award until the middle of the month
Leaving from 5th of the month onwards (disbursement of half grant rate).

If your scholarship award has an individual duration, please contact the OeAD-Regional Office.

Where can I learn German language?

Information can be found on the website of your OeAD-Regional Office.