Activities of scholarship holders

From fields to labs: The bioactive tapestry of seedy bananas

12. February 2024ScholarsAlumni

In a blend of nature and science, discover the story of seedy bananas and how a researcher's pursuit is transforming them to potential functional foods

Dr Perparim Gruda navigating legal horizons in Kosovo and beyond

5. February 2024ScholarsAlumni

Learn more about Dr. Perparim Gruda, professor and former vice dean at the Faculty of Law in Mitrovica, Republic of Kosovo.

University of Klagenfurt Technology scholar Marija Gojkovic awarded for outstanding thesis

25. January 2024ScholarsAlumni

The academic story of Marija Gojkovic, which resulted in her award-winning Master's Thesis 'Implementation and Analysis of the Artificial Bee Colony Swarm Algorithm'

Ernst Mach-worldwide Research Project of Saptarshi Mallick published by Routledge

10. January 2024ScholarsAlumniScholarship

Saptarshi Mallick, a successful Ernst Mach-worldwide alumnus, has received the grant in 2020

The research journey of Svitlana Andreichenko and its influence on academic cooperation

6. December 2023ScholarsResearcher

The story of Ukrainian Professor Svitlana Andreichenko, legal scholar and current scholarship holder of the Ernst Mach Grant Ukraine, highlights the importance of supporting …