OeAD Regional Office Innsbruck

Bunte Häuser welche entlang eines Flusses stehen © Harald Stauber

Innsbruck as the provincial capital of Tyrol offers 32,000 students a wide range of courses at internationally well-connected universities and colleges.

The city and its surroundings score with a unique alpine-urban mix of mountain and valley, nature and city, culture and history.

The mountains of the Nordkette are considered local mountains of the city and are visited gladly regardless of condition and intention of Innsbruckers and guests in the summer and winter.

Information for Scholarship Holders of the OeAD in Innsbruck

The following information should assist you to find your way about your study/research place. General information can be found here. If you have any further questions, please contact the

Team Regional Office

Harald Stauber

Mag. Harald Stauber

Koordinator / Coordinator Regional Office Innsbruck