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In Austria everybody (Austrians, EU/EEA nationals, nationals of third countries) has to register at their place of residence. The registration offices are the municipal authorities.

This means that in the university cities the Magistrat is the competent authority and in all other places the Gemeindeämter are in charge of registration, deregistrations and changes of registrations.

To register you need

  • travel document
  • birth certificate
  • marriage certificate and/or proof of academic titles as applicable
  • Registration form available from the registration office. This form has to be signed both by the landlord/landlady and by the tenant.

Please note: Nationals of EU/EEA countries and Switzerland, who are staying in Austria longer than 3 months, have to apply to the competent municipal authority for a document called "Anmeldebescheinigung" within the first 4 months of their stay. More information can be found in the section Entry to Austria.

Any change of the residential address has to be reported to the registration office within three working days, any change of other data has to be reported within one month.

The confirmation of registration (Meldebestätigung) should be kept safe because you will need it for certain dealings with the authorities (e.g. for a renewal of your residence or domicile permit).

Before leaving Austria you have to cancel your registration. In Vienna the magistratische Bezirksämter are the competent authorities for registration. Their addresses, registration forms and further information are available on the homepage of the municpality of Vienna (only in German).

The competent authorities for registration for all other places can be found in the elektronischen Amtshelfer.

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