Entry and residence regulations for Nationals of EU/EEA countries and Switzerland

If you are a national of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland you do not need a visa and enjoy the freedom of domicile ("Niederlassungsfreiheit"). If you have sufficient financial means to finance your stay in Austria and valid health insurance covering all the necessary costs you only need a valid travel document (passport or identity card) in order to enter and become resident in Austria

You have to carry or keep at close hand your travel document at all times as a proof that you are entitled to stay in Austria. If you want to make Austria your place of permanent residence, you can also apply for an "identification card for E.E.A. citizens" ("Lichtbildausweis für EWR-Bürger/innen"). The issuing of this card costs 56 euros.

If you are going to stay in Austria for more than three months you have to register with the competent residence authority (Magistrat, Bezirkshauptmannschaft) within four months of your stay and you will receive a confirmation of registration (fee: 15 euros; additional fees may occur).

Attention: Non-compliance with this regulation can lead to a fine up to 250 euros!

The confirmation of registration is valid indefinitely and does not need to be renewed.

For this registration you need the following documents:

  • completed and signed application form
  • valid identity card or passport
  • proof of a health insurance covering all the necessary costs, e.g. European Health Insurance Card, insurance policy, …
  • proof of sufficient finances, e.g. by means of savings or a bank account, traveller’s cheques, …
  • students also need a confirmation of admission by the university.

Attention: This registration is required in addition to the registration at the registration office (see below)!

For people who have been legally resident in Austria since before January 1st, 2006 and have registered with the registration office, this registration is regarded as confirmation of registration.

Family members of EU/EEA citizens who themselves do not have EU/EEA nationality have to apply for a residence permit "Aufenthaltskarte", which is valid for five years. After five years of continuous residence in Austria, it is also possible to apply for a "Daueraufenthaltskarte" Family members who may apply for a "Aufenthaltskarte" are classed as: spouses/registered partners; minors up to the age of 21 or older provided that they are still really financially dependent upon you. Other familiy members (e.g. life companions) may possibly receive a settlement permit for relatives ("Niederlassungsbewilligung - Angehöriger").

Within three working days of arrival in Austria you have to register at the registration office ("Meldeamt") of your place of residence. Information regarding legal regulations surrounding employment in Austria can be found in the category Working.

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