Alumni Portraits

In the Alumni Portraits, former OeAD scholars introduce themselves and their research projects. They reflect upon their research stay in Austria and write about their impressions and ambitions as well as their experiences and challenges.

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Portrait Daša Ličen © Marko Šafarič

Daša Ličen, Slovenia

Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts

"My Viennese experience will remain to be an influential part on my academic path [...]"

Daša Ličen, Slovenia

Portrait Peter Sczigel © Peter Lechner /Ernst Weingartner

Peter Sczigel, Hungary

Graduate Student at the Peking University

"My master’s program in the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna was an incredible experience, both in a professional and personal sense"

Portrait Mansour Attalah © OeAD / Cavallotti

Mansour Attallah, Egypt

University Assistant professor at the Faculty of Physical Education, Alexandria University

" I am looking forward to using my experience in projects to serve my community and raise the efficiency of the human performance."

Porträt Bohdan Myroshnychenko © Wladimir Milykh

Bogdan Miroschnitschenko, Ukraine (portrait in German)

Ingenieur in Elektromechanik

"Während meines Aufenthalts habe ich an vielen interessanten Veranstaltungen, die vom OeAD-Team und Erasmus-Team in Graz organisiert wurden, teilgenommen."


Portrait Elma Hot © Emil Sabotic /Emil Sabotic

Elma Hot, Montenegro

Co-founder of BeeAnd.mee

"Thanks to my stay at TU Wien I found a motivation to continue my education with a PhD and to continue doing research in this field"

Portrait Nathan Marcus © Franziska Rothenbühler

Nathan Marcus, Russia (portrait in German)

Assistant Professor of History at the National Research University Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg

"Mein Aufenthalt in Österreich war sowohl für meinen beruflichen Werdegang prägend, als auch persönlich sehr bereichernd."

Portrait Maryana Hirnyak © Maryana Hirnyak

Maryana Hirnyak, Ukraine

Associate Professor at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Department of Literary Theory and Comparative Studies

"I believe my participation as an OeAD scholarship holder was successful and productive for my scientific and academic activity."

Portrait Elijah Macharia Ndung'u © Elijah Macharia Ndung'u

Elijah Macharia Ndung'u, Kenya

Lecturer in Counseling Psychology, Social Work and Research Methods at St. Paul’s University-Nairobi in the Faculty of Social Sciences

"The scientific knowledge acquired during my studies in Austria was a big boost towards my career achievements and aspirations."

Portrait Zerfu Hailu © Zerfu Hailu

Zerfu Hailu, Ethiopia

Deputy team leader and senior land administration advisor for the project "Responsible and innovative Land Administration (REILA)" by the Government of Finland and the Government of Ethiopia

Portrait Dana Linkeschová © Dana Linkeschová

Dana Linkeschová, Czech Republic

University teacher, Brno University of Technology

"During my stay in Austria, I loved the numerous interesting meetings and the different excursions organised by the OeAD."

Portrait Maja Celeska © Maja Celeska

Maja Celeska , Macedonia

Teaching and Research Assistant, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Skopje, Macedonia

"From the first day of my stay [...] at Graz University of Technology, I was faced with invaluable conditions and resources for work. I rediscovered my enthusiasm and gained new, higher horizons for my scientific work."

Portrait of Ivana Krsmanovic © Ivana Krsmanovic

Ivana Krsmanovic, Serbia

Professor of applied studies, Technical College Čačak, Serbia

"The CEEPUS Teaching Staff Mobility grant allowed me to make connections with host institution teachers and collaborate with them on a many aspects of English learning and teaching processes."

Portrait of Victor Kennedy © Roberta Maierhofer

Victor Kennedy, Slovenia

Professor at the University of Maribor, Faculty of Arts, Maribor

"I had a very pleasant and constructive stay in Graz, and was kindly given access to the library and the study materials at the Center for Inter-American Studies."

Portrait of João Paulo de Melo Cardoso © Tiana Noyola

João Paulo de Melo Cardoso, Brazil

Electronic Engineering student at the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná, Curitiba – Paraná

"I also had the opportunity to apply the theories we studied in the classroom and to learn from the exchange of knowledge and experiences with the other students (Austrians, as well as from different countries) and professors."

Portrait Sasa Linic © Sasa Linic

Sasa Linic, Serbia

FAO/GEF Partnership - Team Manager at the United Nations – Food and Agriculture Organization, PR China

"The OeAD through CEEPUS changed my life, forever, by opening the doors of the European Union and giving a new dimension of life and prosperity."

Portrait Sara de Jong © OeAD/Katharina Engel

Sara de Jong, Netherlands

Research Fellow, The Open University, United Kingdom

"The OeAD Grant gave me the opportunity to return to conducting research at an academic institution, after working for some years outside academia."

Portrait of Rahel Bekele Teklegiorgis © Tibebu T. Biru

Rahel Bekele Teklegiorgis, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa University

"With funding and support from APPEAR, [...] we hope to realize the potentials of ICT to positively impact the lives of rural women in Ethiopia."

Portrait Baraka Olivier Mushage © Blaise Miruho

Baraka Olivier Mushage, Democratic Republic of Congo

Lecturer and Researcher at Université Libre des Pays des Grands Lacs (ULPGL), Democratic Republic of Congo

"In addition to the scientific knowledge acquired during my stay in Austria, I was lucky to meet people from different places around the world [...], make friends and build special relationships."

Portrait Kamalika Datta © Kamalika Datta

Kamalika Datta, India

Assistant Professor, National Institute of Technology Meghalaya

"My stay in Austria has been very smooth, with the host institute taking all care and ensuring I had a suitable accommodation and office space to work. I am eagerly looking forward to my next visit (...)"

Portrait Peter Akoll © Peter Akoll

Peter Akoll, Uganda

Makerere University

"Associating with [my supervisors in Austria] helped me establish a broad and strong professional and social network globally."

Portrait Rosalie Arcala Hall © OeAD / Doris Bauer

Rosalie Arcala Hall, Philippines

Professor, University of the Philippines Visayas

"Living in Innsbruck, my experience was enriched by the intercultural programs arranged by then Austrian Exchange Services (OeAD). [These programs] were very important in anchoring my understanding of Austrian societal values, history and cultural legacies."

Portrait of Vanessa Suelt Cock © University Javeriana - Bogotá/Colombia

Vanessa Suelt Cock, Colombia

Constitutional Law Professor, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá

"The people of the Institute and the city [of Graz] were so friendly and hospitable. This made me feel at home and gave me a beautiful experience that I will always remember."

Porträt Maria Dos Santos © Maria Dos Santos

Maria Dos Santos, Venezuela

E-waste Project Manager at KERP

"Learning the German language as well as my efforts to integrate into Austrian culture gave me the opportunity to apply my technical and soft-skills"

Luke O. Olang © Luke O. Olang

Luke O. Olang, Kenya

Senior Lecturer at the Technical University of Kenya, Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technology

"My educational and training experience in Austria provided a good opportunity to scale-up and leverage my capabilities in a multi-cultural research setup."

Nikita Chiu © Nikita Chiu

Nikita Chiu, China (Hong Kong)

Research Affiliate at the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, University of Cambridge and Academic Advisor at the Regional Academy on the United Nations

"[Vienna] enables scholars to obtain first-hand insights into the dynamic landscape of international governance in the areas of peace and security, climate change, and drug control."

Porträt Gibson Nyanhongo © OeAD/Monika Staltner

Gibson S. Nyanhongo, Zimbabwe

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU)

"Little did I know that this was a journey to what I almost call my second home. [...] [T]hanks to OeAD and my supervisors who made it possible for me to achieve my dreams – being a scientist!"

Iva Rezic © Iva Rezic

Iva Rezic, Croatia

Docent at the University of Zagreb, Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Textile Technology

"I believe that the skills and the knowledge obtained from my experience with Austrian colleagues have helped me to become an independent researcher, a project manager and a group leader […]."

Porträt Paul T. Yillia © OeAD/Elke Stinnig

Paul T. Yillia, Sierra Leone

Lead Policy Specialist, Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL)

"[M]y key professional contacts and current undertakings are largely connected to the people and opportunities I have been encountering and experiencing in the last couple of years during and after my studies in Austria."

Muharemagić Džalila © Muharemagic Dzalila

Džalila Muharemagić, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project Officer at IRO, University of Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“[D]uring my stay I got the opportunity for additional activities, which made my research even more relevant than I could imagine when I was applying for the scholarship."

Venkatavamsikrishna Kovelakuntla © Venkatavamsikrishna Kovelakuntla

Venkatavamsikrishna Kovelakuntla, India

Research Assistant with Prof. Amitabh Joshi, Evolutionary and Organismal Biology Unit, JNCASR, Bangalore, India

"I realised that art, culture and philosophy are, apart from science, very important to me."

Agegnehu Sayeh © Agegnehu Sayeh

Sayeh Agegnehu, Ethiopia

Debre Markos University, Vice President for Business and Development of the University and staff member of the Institute of Land Administration

"My PhD study in Austria has enabled me to have broader understanding of the social, economic and environmental impacts of sound land administration system."

Portrait Sita Aryal © Sita Aryal

Sita Aryal, Nepal

Report Writing Facilitator, Forest Resource Assessment for the Nepal Project in Kathmandu, Nepal

"I was also very lucky to have international friends and well-wishers in Austria, from whom I received moral and technical support during my study period."

Porträt Constantin S. L. Loum © Constantine S. L. Loum

Constantine S. L. Loum, Uganda

Senior Lecturer at Gulu University, Faculty of Medicine

"The study in Austria was a life changing experience; it gave me satisfaction in life as it offered me the opportunity to achieve a long cherished career."

Rafat Al Afif © OeAD/Elke Stinnig

Rafat Al Afif, Syria

Senior Scientist and Lecturer, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU)

"With the help of my new colleagues I managed to successfully develop not only my foreseen working plan but also to further extend my research […]."