AAL_10_Alumni AudioLab with Dana Linkeschova

Management and leadership as basic skills for work and everyday life. A Czech teacher reports.

AAL_9_Alumni AudioLab with Kalkidan Negash Obse

Addis Ababa-Miami-Graz and back – a human rights researcher on his geographical and professional journey to the rectorate of Dilla University / Ethiopia

AAL_8_Alumni AudioLab with Fernando Ruiz Peyré

Fernando Ruiz Peyré is a development geographer researching peripheral areas in Argentina. (podcast in German)

2017 Austrian Alumni Event in Shanghai

#Alumni#Higher Education
The Austrian Alumni Christmas Event took place on December 9th at the Austrian Centre Shanghai.

AAL_7_Alumni AudioLab with Sara de Jong

Politics but not party politics, research on migration but not primarly on migrants. Sara de Jong conducts research in various fields.