KulturKontakt Austria at the OeAD


Sujetgrafik mit Text Kulturkontakt Austria ab 1. Jänner 2020 im OeAD © OeAD

On January 1st, 2020 KulturKontakt Austria (KKA), with the exception of the "Artists-in-Residence Programme", became part of the OeAD.

With the integration of the two fields of activity, “Cultural Education with Schools” and the pre-university “Educational Cooperation with Eastern and South-Eastern Europe”, the OeAD's portfolio is being expanded and complemented in an ideal way.

Thus the OeAD will support and cross-link children, young people, adults and institutions with its diverse educational, cultural and science programmes.

The OeAD will be active across the entire education chain and also collaborate closely with partners in Europe and in international priority countries.

The aim is to support the development of Austria as a location for education, science and research and to strengthen Austria’s international position.

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