Scientific & Technological Cooperation (S&T Cooperation)

The international “Scientific & Technological Cooperation” (S&T Cooperation) programmes are based on inter-governmental and bilateral agreements or memoranda of understanding and contribute to the further development of the international cooperation activities of Austrian higher education and research institutions in the fields of science and technology. Calls for proposals for bilateral research projects with selected partner countries are usually issued every two years within the framework of these S&T Cooperation agreements.

With some countries there are annual calls for proposals. Funding for bilateral research projects is mainly available for travel and accommodation costs of researchers as well as project-related material costs up to € 2,000 per project for the two-year project period.

The aim of the S&T Cooperation programmes is to stimulate international research cooperation, to establish new, sustainable international partnerships and to increase the proportion of young and female researchers in international research project consortia.

Active bilateral agreements are currently in place with Argentina, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, China, France, India, Croatia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary and Vietnam.

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Current calls for application

Application agency in Austria: OeAD /International Cooperation in Higher Education, Vienna

Application agency for your project partner: Your project partner has to submit the application in his or her country of origin at the authority defined as the first competent authority for his or her institution and according to the local requirements and application form there (see 'info', when call is open)

Detailed information and the direct link to our online application form will be available as soon as the call is open.

WTZ Slovakia | Closed!

WTZ China | Closed!

WTZ Albania | Online Application from 9 November 2020| Call Guidelines

WTZ Bulgaria | Online Application from 1 December 2020| Call Guidelines

Country Project period of 2 years Next call
Albania 2021-2023 9.11.2020 - 22.1.2021
Argentina - planned
Bosnia and Herzegovina 2021-2023 planned for spring 2021
Brasil - planned
Bulgaria 2021-2023 1.12.2020 - 1.3.2021
China 2021-2023 12.10.2020 - 27.11.2020 (noon!)
Croatia 2022-2023 planned for spring 2021
Czech Republic 2022-2023 planned for spring 2021
France "Amadée" 2022-2023 1.2. - 1.4.2021
Hungary 2022-2023 planned for spring 2021
India 2022-2024 planned for autumn 2021
Korea (ROK) 2021-2022 closed
North Macedonia 2022-2023 planned for spring 2020
Montenegro 2021-2022 closed
Multilateral S&T Call Danube Region 2023-2024 planned for autumn 2022
Poland 2022-2023 planned for spring 2021
Romania - planned
Serbia 2022-2023 planned for autumn 2021
Slovakia 2021-2022 closed
Slovenia 2023-2024 planned for spring 2022
South Africa 2022-2023 planned for spring 2021
Ukraine 2021-2022 closed
Vietnam 2022-2023 planned for spring 2021