HERAS Scholarship Programme

The HERAS scholarship programme offers (prospective) PhD students and PostDocs a grant for their studies and/or research in Austria. Target group are staff members of Kosovan public higher education institutions, which plan to carry out a PhD or PostDoc research in Austria. Candidates already enrolled at an Austrian or other foreign university for PhD studies are only eligible for finishing their studies (max. 18 months) if they can prove a strong affiliation and engagement for their home institution in Kosovo.

Scholarship amount and age limits:

  • PhD: € 1050,-/month; max. 35 years old (exceptionally 40 years old in case of considerable care responsibilities)
  • PostDoc: € 1.150,-/month; max. 40 years old or max. 5 years after award of the PhD degree

Application Deadline: 31.01.2018

currently no application is possible!

The project “HERAS – Higher Education Research and Applied Science in Kosovo” is coordinated by WUS Austria and supported by ZSI - Centre for Social Innovation and the OeAD GmbH. Our role is the administration of the scholarship fund.

Form Reemployment: