Development research

Zwei Personen mit Globus aus Karton © Gianmaria Gava/OeAD

Higher education institution partnerships  (APPEAR) with scientific institutions in 16 priority countries and priority regions of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) improve the learning, teaching and research conditions in countries with limited infrastructure and create new access possibilities to the international scientific community. The APPEAR partnership for "Professional Social Work in East Africa" for example provides higher education institutions from Austria, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi with the possibility to do research about social work together, to improve curricula and to strengthen the status of social work as an occupation. Under the superordinate goal of poverty reduction problems are dealt with on a partnership basis and results are presented.

Scholarship holders from APPEAR partner countries contribute considerably to the strengthening of the human resources in their countries of origin and enrich the Austrian higher education and research landscape in terms of an internationalisation of the sciences. Currently applications for APPEAR scholarships are only possible within the framework of current APPEAR partnerships.

Until its discontinuation at the end of 2018 the Commission for Development Research (KEF) funded 102 research projects between Austrian scientific institutions and partner institutions in 42 countries of the OECD’s DAC list with a weak infrastructure and a high risk of poverty. KEF projects were based on the joint development of scientific analyses and approaches for solutions to global challenges. The topics of the completed KEF projects, which are still in the implementation stage, range from environmentally sound landfills in Indonesia to the optimisation of forest fire management in Kenya and the improvement of llama breeding in the Central Andes of Peru.

The Education and Research for International Development Cooperation department organises a whole series of activities within the framework of it public relations activities, e.g. subject-specific round tables and discussion rounds, development policy Film Days, production of radio programmes at regular intervals (twice a month) under the title of "Welt im Ohr" in cooperation with ORF Ö1 Campus.

View publications by the Commission for Development Research (KEF) and the Austrian Partnership Programme in Higher Education and Research for Development (APPEAR) as well as by projects that were financed by KEF and APPEAR.