The OeAD supports pupils, teachers and the school system in the following way

Rote Türen mit Bleistift aus Karton © OeAD/Gianmaria Gava

A whole series of OeAD programmes and initiatives focus on schools and kindergartens.

Erasmus+, the educational programme of the European Commission, supports

  • further education of teachers and other school staff
  • cooperation of actors in education (higher education institutions, schools, authorities, NGOs, companies, …) to learn from each other or try something new
  • partnerships between schools and kindergartens from different countries
  • learning periods of youngsters (14 years or older) at partner schools abroad (this is only possible within the framework of school partnerships)
  • networking of teachers and cooperation of schools in the virtual space via

all over Europe.

Sparkling Science and Young Science support cooperation between science and schools by means of:

  • research projects in which scientists and pupils carry out research together
  • the research contest Citizen Science Award, in which school classes send data, pictures or evaluations to research teams
  • school visits of researchers
  • the Young Science Thematic Platform for youngsters with more than 5,000 suggestions for topics for pre-academic papers and thesis projects
  • the awarding of the Young Science Quality Label for research partner schools
  • information about cooperation possibilities and events

The projects for cooperation between science and schools are funded by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research.