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15 years of OeAD International Testing Services

8. April 2021QualityPress releaseStudies

The OeAD Test Centre conducts globally recognised admission tests and occupation-related examinations for higher education institutions using state-of-the-art biometric methods.

60 Years OeAD: Testing, testing, testing! – at the OeAD not just since Corona

8. April 2021QualityOeAD60

The OeAD Test Centre offers internationally recognised higher education and occupation-related examinations.

Better chances for educationally disadvantaged persons through NQF assignments

31. March 2021QualityQuality

For the first time qualifications at levels 1 and 2 have been included in the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

60 Years OeAD: What has changed for students

18. March 2021Europäischer HochschulraumOeAD60Quality

Internationalisation, focus on students, and digital transformation at higher education institutions: All this has come to stay

60 Years OeAD: Why work with children and youth work benefit in multiple ways from NQF assignments

11. March 2021OeAD60Quality

Certification and assignment to the National Qualifications Framework lead to better comparability.