900,000 Euros for study periods abroad outside Europe

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The Minister for Science and Research Iris Rauskala wants to enable more students and lecturers to spend time abroad by means of a special endowment.

Alpbach 2019: 22 European education agencies are working on the future of Erasmus+

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The OeAD brings together education agencies, the European Commission and policy makers to make Erasmus+ more inclusive, open and user-friendly by 2021.

Since 1987 10 million people in Europe have used the Erasmus programme.

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The Federal Minister Iris Rauskala (Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF)) and the OeAD’s Managing Director, Jakob Calice, saw four participants in the …

Assignment of continuing education courses to the NQF possible as of autumn

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The National Qualifications Framework (NQF) aims to promote mobility, permeability and recognition of competences between training systems as well as lifelong learning.

Erasmus+ programme : 85 million euros for the first few "European Universities"

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The University of Graz and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna are involved in this project.