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AAL_19_Alumni AudioLab with Adrián Prieto

30. November 201848:45PodcastsAlumni

An architectural historian, who actually started out as a law student, talks about his research in this podcast episode.

Sommersprachkurs Innsbruck

13. November 2018PodcastsHigher Education

Radiosendung für die slowakischen Teilnehmer/innen am Sommersprachkurs in Innsbruck.

SAIA im Slowakischen Rundfunk

9. November 2018PodcastsScholarship

Im Interview informiert Michal Fedak von der SAIA über die vielen Möglichkeiten für Studierende, Lehrende und Forschende im Rahmen von Stipendien und speziell auch über das Angebot …

AAL_18_Alumni AudioLab with Raymond Ouedraogo

30. October 201836:34PodcastsAlumni

Raymond Ouedraogo has dedicated his career to fishing and water in Burkina Faso. Remarkable, because Burkina Faso is actually an arid landlocked country in West Africa.

AAL_17_Alumni AudioLab with Rahel Bekele

28. September 201846:22PodcastsAlumni

Rahel Bekele has been working with information and communication technologies for more than 30 years, especially in the health sector. Among other things on questions like how the …