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Welt im Ohr-Postcast zu Sparkling Science: „Funkelnde Partnerschaften“ zwischen Forschung und Schule

17. October 2019PodcastsPublic ScienceSchool

Ein Podcast über das Forschungsförderprogramm "Sparkling Science", im Rahmen dessen Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler Seite an Seite mit Jugendlichen an aktuellen …

AAL_25_Alumni AudioLab with Tanushree Gupta

2. September 201937:01PodcastsAlumniResearcher

From autodidactic restoration of her mother's paintings as a child, to a PhD in art conservation.

AAL_24_Alumni AudioLab with Blerte Ismajli

11. July 201949:07PodcastsAlumni

As a student in times of war, she learned German as a language and studied German studies. She made a career out of the language comparison German - Albanian (podcast in German)

AAL_23_with Kesang Wangchuk

30. April 2019PodcastsAlumni

Mountains, Happiness and Research – Story of a Bhutanese who went forth to find happiness in research.

AAL_22_with_Bohdan Cherkes

4. March 201950:27PodcastsResearcher

Architecture and identity are closely linked for Bohdan Cherkes. The Ukrainian tells about this and about his life in this episode.