900,000 Euros for study periods abroad outside Europe

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The Minister for Science and Research Iris Rauskala wants to enable more students and lecturers to spend time abroad by means of a special endowment.

29th Higher Education Conference

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The higher education conference will take place at the University of Vienna on November 18th and 19th, 2019.

International School of Multimedia Journalism 2019

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In July 2019 journalism students from Austria, Denmark, Georgia and Ukraine met for the International School of Multimedia Journalism (ISMJ) in Lviv.

Rekord bei internationalen Mobilitätsprojekten in Erasmus+

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So viele Projekte und Mobilitätsaufenthalte wie nie zuvor werden 2019 in der Erasmus+ Internationalen Hochschulmobilität gefördert.

OeAD cross-links Austrian research and students from Chinese top universities

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On August 21st, 2019 the OeAD's Managing Director Jakob Calice invited Chinese scholarship holders of the European Forum Alpbach to a round table discussion with the Austrian …