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Welt im Ohr: 10 years APPEAR: Radio show on participatory research for sustainable development

16. September 2021Development ResearchResearcher

Change of perspective and research for sustainable development between Austria and the Palestinian Territories. Ö1 Campus Radio, 17 September 21, 8-9 p.m. (in German)

Welt im Ohr: 10 years APPEAR: "Listening show": Sustainable Tourism and Development

19. August 2021Development ResearchResearcher

Everyone is talking about sustainable travel. What can science contribute to it? Ö1 Campus, 20 August, 8-9 p.m. (repeat of 21 March)

10 years APPEAR: "Listening Show" Knowledge and Development

22. July 2021ResearcherDevelopment Research

Pre-scientific, indigenous and local knowledge and early, non-Western knowledge systems have pointed out the vulnerability of the earth. Whose knowledge counts?

Dr. Vivekanand on his cooperation between India and Austria in the field of renewable energy

14. June 2021AlumniHigher EducationDevelopment Research

My cooperation with Austria started with a WTZ call for research proposal between India and Austria for which I applied in the area of Bioenergy with the Austrian counterpart at …

Strong involvement of OeAD alumni in the programme “Cooperation Development Research“

14. June 2021Higher EducationDevelopment Research

The OeAD-GmbH is pleased that several former OeAD scholarship holders were successful in the first Call of the programme "Cooperation Development Research". This clearly indicates …