"Welt im Ohr": Social responsibility and future-oriented action – UniNEtZ project

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During the first UniNEtZ event scientists and researchers discussed about their contribution to sustainable development within the framework of the SDGs.

Welt im Ohr: Social work after the genocide in Rwanda

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The next "Welt im Ohr" radio broadcast on February 1st, 2019, 8-9 p.m. on ORF Ö1 Campusradio (WH) - about coming to terms with the genocide in Rwanda.

New publication on indigenous and innovative social work practice in Africa

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As part of the APPEAR project PROSOWO (Professional Social Work in East Africa), which has been in its second phase since 2016, extensive empirical research has been carried out …

Welt im Ohr: Go Green: Energy turnaround in Senegal

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In this radio programme the APPEAR project SEA4cities - Sustainable Energy Access for Sustainable Cities – a higher education cooperation between Austria and Senegal is presented …

"Welt im Ohr" (World in your Ear): Best of Global Dialogues 2018 - BROADCASTS FOR CHANGE

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In 2018 the Global Dialogues editorial group "Women on Air" focused on "Broadcasts for Change". In line with the "The World We Want" campaign, shaped by Agenda 2030 and the efforts …