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APPEAR programme presentation in Graz

21. April 2015

WUS Austria used the opportunity to present APPEAR while being host of a workshop on the „Development of Sectoral Qualifications Frameworks“ in the frame of the TEMPUS project …

APPEAR programme presentation in Georgia

8. April 2015

The presentation was embedded in the frame of the final event of the project “UNIMIG - Migration and Higher Education - Building Skills and Capacities” at Tbilisi State University

APPEAR programme presentation in Moldova

7. April 2015

The presentation was embedded in the frame of the TEMPUS project “Development of Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Moldova”. The conference “From Quality Assurance to …

Ö1 Campusradio - Das APPEAR Programm: Rückblick – Rundblick – Ausblick

27. March 201559:58

The three guests of this radio broadcast had been involved in the setting up and the implementation of the APPEAR programme from the very beginning. Listen to their conclusions …

APPEAR programme presentation in Vienna

26. March 2015

The aim of the event was to introduce APPEAR to the public, to the ones who have not participated in prior calls and also to former applicants and project partners.

Besides the general programm presentations the event aimed at informing about new modalities which come into …