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"Welt im Ohr" ("World in your Ear"): Travelling through space and time: Cinema as a place of …

20. November 202059:50Development ResearchResearcher

Rebellion and new beginnings and the deconstruction of an ideal world are today's topics. Not without alternatives, but in solidarity and inspired by cinematic art.

The freedom of the seas. Protection of ecological and marine biodiversity

31. January 202059:49Development ResearchResearcher

A programme about the negotiations for the protection of ecological and marine biodiversity within the framework of the UN High Seas Conservation Treaty in New York. Ö1 ORF Campus, …

"Welt im Ohr": "Media, Education and Development": Students investigate global challenges

25. September 2019Researcher

Students of the International Development course at the University of Vienna have recorded contributions on development-related topics within the framework of the research seminar …

"Welt im Ohr": Green Building Solutions: Sustainable construction and minimum environmental impact

12. September 201959:50ResearcherDevelopment ResearchHousing

Goal 11 of the UN Agenda 2030 states that "cities and settlements should be inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable". What "green" planning and building means can be heard in …

„Wissenschaft im Wandel“: Allianzen und Impulse für nachhaltige Entwicklung

27. November 201859:32Development Research

In diesem Podcast: Die Rolle der SDGs für die Wissenschaft und Universitäten.