Survey on e-waste of the Sparkling Science project "Recycling Heroes

31. January 2023 Sparkling ScienceCitizen Science
altes Handy
Researchers collect information on the behavior of the Austrian population with regard to e-waste.


As part of the Sparkling Science project "Recycling Heroes" and the ongoing diploma project "E-waste study" at the TGM, an online survey is currently being conducted on the topic of household electrical waste.

This survey takes only a few minutes to complete and is anonymous. You can participate in the survey here:

About the project "Recycling Heroes"

The sale of electrical and electronic equipment is constantly increasing and, accordingly, e-waste has already become the fastest growing waste stream in the world. Our society must immediately address this challenge to ensure a more sustainable management of our planet's resources and curb environmental pollution.

The Sparkling Science project aims to raise awareness about e-waste, especially among students but also in society in general. To achieve this, the project combines principles of the circular economy with citizen science methods.

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