Our publication on fails in Citizen Science projects is out!

16. April 2021 Citizen SciencePublic Science
Hand mit "Error"-Schild, die aus einem Bildschirm kommt
Together with authors from various Austrian research institutions, the OeAD Center for Citizen Science has written an article on failures in Citizen Science.

The publication "Recognizing failures in citizen science projects: Lessons learned" was recently published in the Proceedings of the Austrian Citizen Science Conference (ÖCSK) 2020. The article addresses the questions: "What failures happen in citizen science projects" and "How can a more open approach to fails or error culture be promoted in citizen science"?

The article is based on the results of an online workshop at the ÖCSK entitled "'Citizen Science Fail Session', or how to turn a fishbowl into a shark tank", organised by the OeAD Center for Citizen Science, among others. Researchers from different disciplines participated and shared their various experiences with failure. Due to the diversity of participants, the authors were able to get a good impression of possible difficulties in the implementation of Citizen Science projects and gathered many "anti-fail tips". With the workshop and the article, the authors would like to take first steps towards a failure culture in Citizen Science.

Our sincere thanks go to the team of authors: Florian Westreicher (University of Innsbruck), Marika Cieslinski (OeAD Center for Citizen Science), Marlene Ernst (University of Salzburg), Didone Frigerio (University of Vienna), Barbara Heinisch (University of Vienna), Thomas Hübner (ZAMG) and Johannes Rüdisser (University of Innsbruck). It was a great collaboration! Many thanks also to the organisers of the 6th Austrian Citizen Science Conference 2020.

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