60 Years OeAD: Our anniversary site is online

11. January 2021 OeAD60
Sujet 60 Jahre OeAD
Founded in 1961, we celebrate our 60th anniversary under the motto "60 years OeAD. Experience. Education. Future." Visit us at oead.at/60.

Dear visitor,

Welcome to our anniversary website, which we have dedicated to the motto 60 years OeAD. Experience. Education. Future!

The motto is a signpost for us. 60 years OeAD stands for 60 years of change and development, which we are always open to and which we ourselves promote.

Many EU programmes and national strategies and activities aim to inspire people and institutions to innovate and expand their skills and to anchor them in a sustainable way. Internationalisation and the quality of education play a very big part in this. We are using our anniversary page as an opportunity to summarise, to take you back to the rich history of our development with pictures and stories but we are also taking a look at the present and the future!

And so I will start with an important announcement: Since 1 January 2021 we have been called OeAD-GmbH – Austria’s Agency for Education and Internationalisation. We are aware of the responsibility that this entails and are pleased that by this name the OeAD’s portfolio can be presented much better:

We promote internationalisation and mobility in science, research and in all sectors of education, from pre-school education to school education, vocational education and training, higher education and adult education.

We strengthen the interface between (school) education and society in Austria by e.g. promoting cultural education, science education and digital learning at schools.

We consolidate quality and transparency by developing quality tools in education and by supporting processes such as the National Qualifications Framework (NQF), Ö-Cert and the TOEFL test.

Since the start of the new Erasmus+ programme period in January 2021 the OeAD has also been the contact point for Erasmus+ "Youth in Action" and the "European Solidarity Corps". We thus cover internationalisation in an even broader sense.

Join us in our anniversary year!

We would be delighted if you left an entry in our virtual guestbook. Drop by to read interesting stories and immortalise yourself on our social wall under #oead60.

Yours, Jakob Calice, PhD
Managing Director