Study trip "Doing business in China" of the Management Center Innsbruck

12. June 2019 StudiesHigher EducationOeAD
Studentinnen und Studenten bei der Firmenbesichtigung von AT&S in Shanghai. Sie tragen Labormäntel und Schutzbrillen und schauen auf ein großes hängendes Vergrößerungsglas, unter dem sich Leiterplatten befinden.
The OeAD Cooperation Office Shanghai organised the trip of the students of the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI).

Alexandra Wagner and Fu Xiaoyan from the OeAD Cooperation Office Shanghai accompanied the 29 students from Austria on their trip to China at the end of May.

The study trip started with a reception with the Austrian General Consul Brigitte Robinson-Seyrlehner and the Vice Consul for Economics (Advantage Austria), Lisa Kronreif.

During the following days the students visited the Fudan University in Shanghai, where they attended lectures and a course in Chinese language and script. Further stops on their journey were visits to the Austrian companies based in Shanghai "AT&S", "CMS Law" and a visit to the deep-sea port of Yangshan.

During the trip the students of the Management Center Innsbruck also had the opportunity to meet Chinese students, visit sights in Shanghai and get to know China's culture and cuisine.