Books - a love story

7. June 2019
Why our facebook friends love books so much! Quotes from a raffle on the World Book Day 2019

On the 23rd of April in honor of the World Book Day, OeAD had an online raffle on his Alumni Group on Facebook. OeAD invited everyone to share the reason why they love books so much!

This is what our winners said:

I love books because the real word it's not enough for one's mind and book reading is one of the best ways of spending quality time – Ramona

A very good travel companion - keeps you motivated and never lets you bore – Jawad

Books create new worlds – Tetiana

They are always health friendly! Especially for our eyes. – Hiwot

Books will never judge. – Hasmik

Ein Buch regt die Phantasie auf und schafft Emotionen, die nicht zu vergleichen sind. – Oriona


Stipendiatin und Stipendiat halten jeweils ein englisches Zitat über Bücher und ein gewonnenes Buch in der Hand