Welcome for new OeAD-scholarship holders and Alumni Talks

23. October 2017 ScholarshipResearcherHigher Education
Welcome Event for OeAD scholars and Alumni Talks
Current Viennese scholarship holders were invited to join our Welcome Event and the Alumni Talks with Rosalie Arcala Hall from the Philippines.

At the beginning of each term new scholarship holders are invited to the OeAD house to join a welcome meeting and the Alumni Talks. The welcome event for our new scholarship holders took place on October 19th. Michael Schedl, deputy head of the Center for International Cooperation and Mobility (ICM), held a short welcome address, wished all new scholarship holders a successful beginning of their studies and gave a brief introduction of the OeAD. Elke Stinnig introduced the Department of Education and Research for International Development Cooperation. Then Katharina Engel presented relevant information concerning the scholarship and the stay in Austria. This time a short getting to know activity was organized so that the scholarship holders could get to know each other more easily.

The Welcome event was followed by AlumniTalks, which give newcomers the chance to meet former scholarship holders who have successfully completed their scholarship stay in Austria and to show how the scientific cooperation with Austria was continued. This time we invited Rosalie Arcala Hall, who talked about "Academics thinking locally: a scholar‘s role in widening participation".

The event closed with food and drinks and everybody had the opportunity to engage in discussions and cordial conversations. Almost 100 participants listened to the information presented for new grantees and enjoyed the interesting presentation.

Rosalie Hall is a Professor of Political Science at the University of the Philippines Visayas. In addition to her job as lecturer and researcher she sees herself mainly as a mentor for young students. Especially in a country like the Philippines, which urgently needs well-educated specialists and in which higher education is difficult to finance, it is necessary to accompany young students through their studies by means of special programmes. Another important aspect of her work is carrying out society-relevant research. On her opinion higher education institutions should not be ivory towers but they should cooperate closely with the society. This approach is reflected in the University of the Philippines Visayas’ mission statement “Shaping minds that shape the nation”. Rosalie Arcala Hall recommended the current scholarship holders to “find your niche, collaborate, pay it forward and build bridges”.

The renowned scientist completed her PhD in International and Public Affairs (2002) at the Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA and held various visiting researcher appointments in Innsbruck, Indonesia, Washington, Sweden.

Moreover, she did research in Innsbruck supported by a scholarship within the North-South Dialogue Scholarship Programme (financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation) in 2006/2007 and is currently receiving an Ernst Mach Follow-up Grant financed by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW), doing research at the University of Vienna on “Mapping Gender in Overseas Deployment: Intersections in Austrian Policy and Lived Experiences of Military, Police and Civilian Volunteers in Peacekeeping, Election Monitoring and Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Response Missions Abroad”. Furthermore Rosalie completed locally and internationally-funded research projects in the Philippines, Japan, Austria, Indonesia, East Timor and the US concerning civil-military relations during disaster response, counterinsurgency operations and overseas deployment and has published related articles. Professor Hall also writes a regular blog about higher education issues.Access for more information.

Rosalie was also invited to our AlUMNI Audio Lab. The podcast will be published in November.

For the first time the event was live streamed on Facebook and can still be seen: please access our Facebook Website.