ECVET Experts Conference "Validation of Non-formal & Informal Learning"

9. November 2016 VergleichbarkeitEuropäische Programme
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Exchange of Countries’ Experiences

On 9 November 2016 the Austrian National Agency Erasmus+ Education (OeAD GmbH) - with the support of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education - organised an international ECVET experts conference at Europahaus Wien.

The event attracted participants from 24 countries. Søren Kristensen in his capacity as an external expert to the ECVET Secretariat highlighted current European tendencies. The Austrian Federal Ministry of Education introduced the Austrian validation strategy for the very first time in public. A representative from Switzerland demonstrated that, even though the country does not belong to the European Union, national practices as to validation are closely related to ECVET principles. Speakers from Finland, The Netherlands and France gave insight into their countries’ experiences as to validation of NFIL.

The event targeted above all policy makers involved in ECVET, national ECVET experts and representatives of ECVET National Coordination Points.